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Buster Wolf
17 August 2014 @ 11:46 pm
People are entitled to like whatever the hell they want just as much as they are entitled to hate whatever the hell they want.

Those who can't grasp this, are infantile and should remove themselves from the gene pool. You are bringing us down as a SPE

Shame on you!

*smacks paw*

Bad nerd! Bad!

As for this arrogant absurd sarcastic (Spot the joke kiddies!) of a geek:

I enjoyed Guardian of the Galaxy mostly because the movie played right onto my level of nostalgia and love of sci-fi flicks. It played on them so well that I honestly was able to watch the movie and not be tempted to figure out the second half of the plot midway through the film.

(Unlike Star Trek Into Darkness. Still liked it, just face-palmed when I figured out the rest of the film and had to sit through what I once jokingly talked about doing in a fan fiction involving Q)

In other words, my belief was suspended, I was vulnerable. This movie could tell me that Pizza with glass shoved into it is the best @#$%ing pizza in the world...and I would eat it.

That's what a good sci-fi movie experience is.

So what do I think of this review from the Post? Nothin', cause there are some fine points in the article that make sense. It honestly made me look back at it objectively.

Does it mean I hate Guardians of the Galaxy any less?


Nope. I want a Groot tattoo on the inside of my thigh...

For those of you reading this far, congratulations, feel free to creep me on Facebook and discover my blog that updates as often as a glacier moves! Now for further ranting: Also there's no pie so you can stop reading if you want. (THIS MAKES SENSE LATER DOWN)

The hate for DC live action amazes me. Sure they haven't been the best, but DC hasn't taken much of a leading role with the films until recently, and even then its mostly Warner Bros making the shots.

The problem with Warner Bros is that, frankly, they're best at animation and appealing to a younger audience. Not saying that's all they do, but its what they're damn good at. I mean that. Frankly the DC/Warner Bros cartoons are my absolute favorites. I will happily binge watch some Justice League/Unlimited with some random nerds and talk @#$% about it (the good and bad), it was a fun show. It had the spirit of what you'd expect from something with Super heroes.

The problem is they've yet to do it with live action, while Marvel has. The good news is that I think they're starting to pull their heads out of their asses by doing things in a rather unexpected manor that's making those of us who do sit on the sidelines of the Marvel vs DC crowds, take notice.

But what do I know? I'm pretty sure when word gets out that I met Stan Lee as a kid I didn't know who he was and just was kinda "meh".

I'd probably kick my 8 year old self in the balls if I could now.


TL;DR- @#$% you. Read it or forever be doomed to be lost in ignorance on what you COULD have known. There could be pie up there!


"We are Groot"
Buster Wolf
05 July 2014 @ 01:28 pm

A part of me wants to disown my younger brother. He was nothing but rude and obnoxious the entire time he was here...and has been, in general, a complete jerk in general.

But there's this whole stupid crap about being the bigger man...

Which is kinda hard when he's got 300lbs on me.
*buh dum tish*

And like that I'm suddenly over more fucks to give.

I don’t believe an accident of birth makes people sisters or brothers. It makes them siblings, gives them mutuality of parentage. Sisterhood and brotherhood is a condition people have to work at. ~Maya Angelou
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Buster Wolf
29 August 2013 @ 11:36 pm
A lot happens in a year. Nothing new, I know, but understand this and thinking about what lies ahead is encouraging. I think too often people seem to forget how fast things can change in your life, and they underestimate it. As I get older I feel like less a human being because of a lack of close friends until my early 20's.

It can be chalked up to being an antisocial and being suspicious of folks based on past experience. I've told friends these days that I fully expect a day to come when something happens and I'm not welcome in their lives anymore.

I can cite it only happening once though...on the internet...when I was 14.

So in a sense, I've let one little forum group dictate to me a decade later how I look at social life. Its not the first time I've reflected upon that and while I'm certain I've come far (I mean come on...immature 14 year old) from those days I still let it mark decisions I make. Its why I don't go out to the bar crowds unless I'm kidnapped.

I've made a nice batch of friends over the last five years. I have this fool notion that if I get things in motion I want them to come along for the ride but is it really fair for me to expect that they'll do it?
No. It isn't. Its co dependance if I ever saw it.

As of the last 15 minutes I've finished the rough draft of Strange New World, and I'm not sending it out.
Not even going to look for an artist.
Its going to sit right here until the Comic Writer software comes out next year and then I'm going to fine tune it.
From there, its going to stay on my computer again until I find an artist, and if I don't find an artist then I'm going to focus back on the novel idea.

Its one thing to talk about it and another to do it, I know, but after finishing this rough draft at 455 pages combined (and I haven't bothered counting the panel layout yet, which I aimed at between 4 to 8 per page) I look back on how long it took me. I started Strange New World last July and sent out the first issue draft to Dark Horse's submissions to wait in eternal limbo as I continued improving upon it.

I have maybe 10 pages combined of other works that I started on which is kind of pathetic on my part for being distracted by games and porn far too often and its only through self improvement that I can safely say that my browser history isn't going to require a wipe out of embarassment...and if I can just channel my energy into fleshing out a page or two a night, I just might be able to pull off a rough draft of something I can send out and get a response to rather than waiting in a filing cabinet.
Oh who am I kidding...right now Strange New World is probably sitting in a garbage dump after an editor took one look at it.
Buster Wolf
20 July 2013 @ 01:22 am
What an odd title for a blog post. What does that even mean?!

For the record, fear has a slight bacony flavor to it.

Work sucks but the internet is no place to talk about work...unless your chosen career path is Politics, in which case your business and personal life are subject to the whims of maniacs who are on a constant vigil to catch you with your pants down.
Basically, your average Fox News viewer/host. I don't differentiate between the two as I'm almost entirely certain they are one in the same.

I make no secret for my distaste in the 24 hour news cycle, just as Fox makes no secret out of being the GOP's ever present jerk-off buddy, and I honestly think such programming and networks are a part of what's killing us as Americans.
It could be that I grew up colorblind when it came to race, despite the kind of people my parents are, I learned for myself early on that we're all in this together, humanity and I, so there was no point in alienating someone just because their pigmentation was slightly different.

To me, that seemed as ridiculous as hatting someone simply because they're eyes weren't the same color as mine, just as being proud about the color of ones skin was also complete nonsense to me.
To be proud of something, in my opinion, is to take pride in something YOU did. Not some genetic accident that was the result of your parents bumping uglies and making you.

What am I even going on about? I dunno...I tend to beat around the bush when it comes to making a point, because I'm not trying hard enough I guess?
I mean, I'm not Harry Reid bad...but it's pretty bad. I would liken it to jumping from tree to tree but the tree's are a metaphor for topics and the jumping is a metaphor for my penis.
No wait...the jumping isn't a metaphor at all. Sorry.

So moving away from politics toward the end of this blog, I'm hoping to make some progress on Strange New World in the coming months. Even more so, I hope to get back in touch with my old employer and get back to making a decent wage so I can move out of this dump I'm in.

So apart from that random jumble of words up there...? Well I saw Pacific Rim and it was AWESOME.
Buster Wolf
04 July 2013 @ 12:58 am

So the comic from that last post...forget about it. At least until I can find an artist who's cool and a friend.

I was, honestly, beginning to get desperate to get a project off the ground that I didn't consider that the world is full of rampaging douchebags.
...Perhaps my wording is bit rough, what I'm trying to convey is that if you want to get something done you're going to have to do it yourself one way or another. I realized this awhile ago, actually, but right now I'm REALLY considering game design.

Well I've actually been considering it since my brain went into "Wouldn't it be cool if?" scenarios and I'd like to at least attempt an honest endeavor into Indie gaming.
I've had ideas for years but they've been more or less scribblings and mad writings of a dude who smokes too much pot.

To the random folks out there going "Pots bad m'kay" I only have to reiterate to you this: As are cigarettes, outrageous consumptions of alcohol, and bestiality.


Where was I? I got caught up in the politics of the drug war-oh that's right-So I've had this idea for what I can only call "Fake-out comedy". It's nothing new, Brian Clevinger has been doing it for years and he's more or less the inspiration behind it. If you're unfamiliar with that name first of all, no biggie just Google his name.
Second, if you find yourself not laughing your ass off at least once I submit that you, kind person you, have no soul.

My long, overly drawn out point is this: I'm interested in fucking with the minds of gamers. A cannibalistic approach some might say considering my background but it seems that these days, the average gamer no longer fits my mold, which in my mind makes them an ample and yet easy prey. From interactions I've had with other gamers who aren't in my close knit group of friends, I've often discussed game scenarios I'd like to see which usually results in glass eyed expressions you'd expect from someone who's taken an extra hit from the pipe than you have and you're still coherent enough to debate the ethics of killing animals, rather than people, in a video game.

So I can see myself attempting this in a couple ways.

1) I go back to school and start taking Game Design.
2) Just start up a game studio and hire.

Both options cost money, and its going to be one of those "Which will cost me less?" choices.

So depending on that, that's the direction I'm going to head toward if I get serious with this notion, and of course I'm weighing out the payout as well but honestly if I can make a bitchin game for FREE I'd totally do it.


Before you say: YES YOU CAN!, let me share with you my level of artistic capability with a pen.


I rest my case.

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Buster Wolf
14 April 2013 @ 09:55 pm
SO I finally found an artist to work with in developing a comic. The only real draw back is in the tiny detail that it's going to be commissioned work, meaning I'll be paying this person1 my hard earned pot money2 in order to make my story a reality.

As a web-comic.

Do not mistake my italics to indicate any form of disgust or disapproval. I'm actually kinda psyched.
Nothing is final right now, as it's going to bite a bit but the potential profit and exposure could be the best approach for someone in my position.
So, regardless of what happens, I'm going to hold onto my lingering hope.

I may even share some sketches on here later...though if it ends up being a hit I may come back in here someday and delete this post. If you are reading this post AFTER said success and they're still on a bro and tell me. You can save them for yourself, but please tell me.

Come on future viewer! I'm depending on you!*

*Pending Alien Invasion/Zombie Outbreak/Collapse of Society/Death of Internet/Porno Overload Mass Extinction
1. May or may not actually be Willem Dafoe in his continuous quest to kill me.
2. I made the decision to "Go Green" sue me.
Buster Wolf
16 December 2012 @ 12:25 pm
Sorry I haven't posted in a while.
Its been crazy with school and smoking copious amounts of weed, and emotionally I was getting along rather well.

Or so I thought...

I, like many nerds of the net I'm sure, treat facebook like a public online forum. I post, reply, and talk about the current events on different "speciality pages" on Facebook from a Sci-fi fan page to a page where we discuss the importance of  Ernest.
Future generations will never know the importance of this man.
I also don't have any family members as a friend on facebook. Its not that I don't love my family, I love them all as much as I love getting a flesh eating virus. So when suddenly my mother is asking me about something I posted on Facebook in regards to the holidays I'm a little shocked and puzzled. As I have learned since yesterday, I have some relatives who, despite my half-assed efforts, check my posts on Facebook.

Now first, I'm touched they think of me. :D If you've even discovered this blog let me take this time to let you know what I'd like for Christmas.
Gift cards also acceptable
Second, is it too much to maybe just call?

If anyone were to use my page on Facebook to try and get to know the kind of person I am, I'm afraid they'd find out nothing. While there are a few things on there that are definitely true, I like to use Facebook to spread dis-information sometimes. I'm not a shadow agent of the government, I just like to play with friends who are extremely gullible and don't bother to fact-check. I was certain at one point some of my friends worked for the  Romney campaign for how often they fell for it.
I don't get calls from family and I last assumed I had become the black sheep because of my political views as opposed to the rest of the family. I'm neither Conservative or Liberal, and I have problems with both factions. Its why I (here's a shocker) I didn't vote this last election. Watching my facebook from afar is kinda creepy, and if someone is wondering how I've been there are ways to contact me and ask. I'm not the most sociable but I won't ignore a phone call if I know its an aunt, uncle, or cousin who's interested in catching up.

It sure as hell beats thinking I have stalkers online who DON'T want to rape me.
“Just a reminder, what other people think of you is none of your business.”

Ze Frank
Buster Wolf
21 October 2012 @ 02:08 am
Another sleepless night, another mind that won't shut up.

I look back on some of my political posts, some of which are obvious blatantly biased, but I also wonder when we'll be able to move past this peaceably?

It can't be impossible can it? Surely if SOMEONE stages an Alien Invasion most of these arguments will become moot. Sad isn't it? That in my mind the only way I see humanity as a whole working together would be in a great crisis.

I'm not the first to suggest this, as Hollywood makes BILLIONS on the idea every summer or so, but I will ask why its necessary for a crisis to bring people together. Hell, you don't hear of the dysfunctional family coming together after the violent murder suicide do you? You do? Huh...well moving along with this supposed argument that I've produced, I'm still curious. Jefferson himself said that "The Tree of Liberty must be watered, from time to time, with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants" and he may have been onto something there.

Not, "LETS ALL KILL THE GUVMENT" but "Crisis maintains the status quo."
I'm no soldier, nor politician, no am I even a well-educated individual, but even I can see that its a vicious cycle that will be our downfall as a species if we don't find an answer besides "Hey! Neat idea...lets fight over our imaginary boundaries and friends!"

Or, we can live in the future that is Battlefield Earth.
I'll let that sink in a moment.
Buster Wolf
30 August 2012 @ 10:18 pm
I should be doing my math homework.
I shouldn't be dealing with a panic attack right now.
I should call my friend and talk to him one on one on this new development in his life.
I shouldn't be watching Netflix.

But you know what?
That isn't what's bugging me right now. That isn't why I'm smoking this death stick and puffing smoke into this monitor.
I'm feeling the pains of solitude, and I hope a cure arrives soon.
Until then...

All men dream but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes to make it possible.
T.E. Lawrence
Buster Wolf
24 August 2012 @ 11:29 pm
A new chapter has begun for me this past week. I've officially started to futher my education. I'm attending Hutchinson Community College as a regular student taking only basic classes. I am only pursuing a General Studies degree at the moment, but have put some thought into either Weather Science/Space Science or Creative Writing/English. Its difficult for me to narrow it down because I don't have an exact idea if I'd actually enjoy a career in Science or become a professional writer. I've given thought to an amalgamation of the two, as Asimov so often did with his non-fiction work, but I'm no Asimov. 

So far, Sociology is proving to be the most laid back course and probably the easiest of the classes I'm taking. I'm slightly miffed that I'm having to redo High-school equivelent Algebra as math is never my strong point, but with tutoring and a Math Lab it should ease the pressure and help me improve. 

Still though, the work isn't terribly difficult, and I believe should I maintain this positive attitude I will continue working stress-free.

Or at least, that is what I keep telling myself.
BW └(Θ▬Θ)┐
Go back a little to leap further. 
John Clarke

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